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A message from Ray Vann…


This has nothing to do with Raymond K. Vann & Associates, but I would like to share my ministry of passion with you.  Our country is going through some rather unique and trying times these days.  Our society has become highly polarized in the areas of politics, ethics, integrity and morality.  Caught in the middle of all of this are the brave men and women of law enforcement.  Every law enforcement officer, no matter how small the community they serve, is burdened by the nagging, ongoing question, “Will this be the day?”   


-Will this be the day that I have to make that split-second decision to use lethal force? 

-Will this be the day that a 5-second video of my 15-minute encounter makes the national news?

-Will this be the day that I hesitate and second-guess my decision?

-Will this be the day that I am called to respond to a mentally ill active shooter…at my child’s school.

-Will this be the day that radical Islam makes its presence known in my town?

-Will this be the day that a simple traffic stop becomes a life-changing event? 

 -Will this be the day that my town becomes the next Ferguson or Baltimore, or worse yet, the next Dallas or Baton Rouge?

-Will this be the day that I don’t make it home? 


How many of us begin our workday with any of these questions?  There has never been a more important time in our nation’s history to show our support for law enforcement officers.  I proudly serve the Lufkin Police Department as a volunteer Police Chaplain and I realize that many communities have very small law enforcement agencies without many resources.  Yet your officers or deputies have the same needs as the larger agencies.


While local pastors and ministers are essential, the presence of a police chaplain who has experienced some of what the officers go through daily can be extremely beneficial. My phone is monitored 24/7, so if I can ever be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  This is especially true when a major event shocks your community or an officer is involved in a shooting.    Even if you are not a client of mine, I am still very willing to serve your men and women in blue during their time of need.  In moments of crisis, or simply when an officer needs an open, non-judgmental ear, I am here for them.  I am credentialed by the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) and stand ready to serve as your community’s volunteer police chaplain.