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 Raymond K. Vann & Assoc., LLC
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Professional Grant Consulting Since 1987



“Rural Texans Serving Rural Texas”


Grant Consultation - Grant Application Assistance - Grant Administration

for Rural Cities and Counties 


Infrastructure Improvements


Economic Development






Neighborhood Facilties


Disaster Recovery 



Raymond K. Vann & Associates, LLC, specializes in providing administration services for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects.  We are grant administrators, not grant writers (see below).  We provide all of the necessary services to keep your community in compliance with your government contract.


As you already know, federal funds, especially those which pass through state agencies, come with many strings attached.  Our job is to take care of all the strings!  You already have enough to handle in the running of your City or County and you should not be punished for accepting a grant that your community desperately needs.   


Our services include: 

  • Preparing your grant application for funding and delivering to funding agency

    • Assist with the determination of local needs

    • Advertise and conduct Public Hearing

    • Provide consultation regarding which needs are eligible and most likely to be funded

    • Work with your engineer to determine project scope, location and budget

  • Assisting with contracting review

    • Review draft contract

    • Attend initial site visit by funding agency

    • Coordinate project start-up       

  • Providing general Project Compliance Management

    • File Management

      • Establish filing system

      • Maintain filing system to meet agency requirements

    • Financial Management

      • Recording

      • Reporting

      • Processing Pay Requests

    • Environmental Review

      • Exemptions

      • Categorical Exclusions

      • Environmental Assessments

    • Real Property Acquisition/ URA (if needed)

      • Determine degree of need

      • Research Appraisal District records

      • Assist in determining just compensation amount

      • Prepare all agency required documents, forms and correspondences

      • Submit Acquisition Report

    • Construction Labor Compliance Management

      • Issue prevailing Wage Rate Decision

      • Provide Labor Standards Packet

      • Conduct Labor Standards Pre-Construction Conference

      • Receive and process Standard Weekly Payrolls

      • Conduct Wage Rate Interviews

    • Civil Rights Compliance

      • Fair Housing

      • Equal Opportunity

      • Section 3

      • Section 504

      • Citizen Participation

      • Excessive Force

    • Audit Reporting

      • Prepare or guide CPA in preparing Audit Certification Form

      • Submit Annual Audit Report as received from independent auditing firm

      • Submit Single Audit (if required) as received from independent auditing firm

    • Prepare and Submit Agency Required Reports

      • Quarterly Reports

      • Annual Report

      • Financial Interest Reports

      • Project Completion Reports

      • All Required Reports

    • Contract Close-out Assistance

      • Advertise and Conduct Close-out Public Hearing

      • Prepare Final Reports

      • Submit Close-out Documentation

    • Contract Monitoring Review Assistance

      • Review files for completeness

      • Deliver files to monitor or attend monitoring visit if held on-site

      • Address any issues found during monitoring visit (if any)

Basically, our job is to 1) get you the money, 2) take care of all of the paperwork and requirements so that you can keep the money, and 3) get a positive result at monitoring so that you can get more money!  And most importantly, we do all of this with minimal interference in your day-to-day community duties.  We know that you need the grants, but do not want the additional work and headaches that come with these grants.  We are here to assume your grant burden.


Grant Administrators vs. Grant Writers


Finally, a word about grant administration versus grant writing.  As was written in the opening paragraph on this page, “We are grant administrators, not grant writers.”  The summarized list of our services above is what grant administrators do for a living.  This is how we earn our paycheck.  Grant writers, on the other hand, typically find grants that they think will work for you, present the opportunity to you, write the grant application, and then charge you a fee to do so.  You may or may not receive the grant, but if you do, the grant writer is usually not involved with the contract.  Either way, the grant writer is paid and moves on.


At Raymond K. Vann & Associates, LLC, we do not offer grant writing services, but rather a long-lasting administration relationship.  We do prepare your CDBG-related grant applications for you at no charge.  We do this because we know that the grant applications are so in-depth, so time-consuming and so confusing that if we don’t provide this service then you will probably not apply. We also know that most rural communities do not have a surplus of funds to pay for expensive grant writing services.  If you don’t apply, you won’t be funded.  And if you are not funded, then we have no chance to come to you later and ask for a job.  Since we make our living by managing grants, it’s in our best interest to offer this grant application preparation service to you at no cost. 


Yes, we realize that it is a gamble and that we may spend much time and money preparing your application with no certain benefit to us.  After all, not every grant application will get funded.  In fact, depending on the region, usually less than half of all the applications submitted in a region are funded.  In addition, even if your application is funded, you will go through a formal procurement process and very well may choose a different grant administration firm.  We hope not, but this is a risk we are willing to take.